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Welcome to your Fort Campbell Weather FAQ site!

What does it mean when Post is “closed”?

If the Commander makes the determination to close Fort Campbell, it means that most functions will no longer be performed, and most work will come to a stop. Critical functions – such as scheduled deployments and emergency medical care – will continue. “Closing” Fort Campbell for business does not physically close the gates. Personnel are still permitted to enter and leave the installation, but should use extreme caution in doing so. (See: “What Time Will Post Open” below for more information)


What do the Road Conditions at 270-798-ROAD (7623) really mean?

The road conditions at 798-ROAD are meant to provide guidance to commanders and senior leaders when it comes to allowing military vehicles to drive on or off post. We have updated the status to also reflect civilian traffic – those updates are below:


Green: No safety threat to the public due to weather conditions. Proceed with normal operations.

Hazardous road conditions exist in some areas. Drivers must slow to 10 MPH below the posted speed limit to maintain traction and a safe stopping distance. Roads may be icy or snow packed in places, especially secondary roads. Clearing operations are making primary roads passable.


Red: Most intersections present difficult or NO stopping conditions. Black ice or ice sheeting has made driving hazardous. Some roads have snow packed areas and some roads are icing over. Driving above 10-15 mph causes vehicles to lose traction and safe stopping distance are significantly increased. Driving is allowed however extreme caution is advised.

Black: Road conditions are extremely hazardous and pose high risk. Roads made hazardous by heavy snow, extreme sheet ice, heavy flooding or greatly reduced visibility with most primary roads impassable. POV travel is highly discouraged and should only be considered in emergent situations.


Define Mission Essential personnel (Who are they)?
Mission Essential personnel are those employees who are required to come to work because of the weather, or in spite of the weather. Examples include health care workers, roads and grounds crews, and some other positions. If you are mission essential, you should know. For Department of the Army civilians, you will be informed in writing and this should have been explained to you when you were hired. If you have questions about your particular status, call your immediate supervisor.

Am I mission essential personnel?
Ask your supervisor. Personnel who are mission essential should be notified when they are hired of their status. Mission essential personnel include, but are not limited to: Emergency Services employees, roads and grounds crews, cooks in some facilities, some day care workers, and airfield employees when directed. If in doubt, call your direct supervisor.


My wife is a Nurse, does she have to work?
Health care providers are emergency and weather essential. Call your supervisor to ask for clarification.


My wife is a school teacher, does she have to work?
You should call your supervisor if you have questions about your work schedule and status.

Since this information is posted on facebook, does my supervisor still need to tell me about it?
YES. Supervisors (military and civilian) are the primary source of information. Facebook allows us to reach a wide audience, but the responsibility for notifying employees of changes in work hours or report times is still the responsibility of the supervisor. There may a delay between the information is posted here and when you get a phone call.

Will the Commissary / PX / Shoppettes will be open?
When possible, the 24-hour Shopettes will remain open. The PX and Commissary managers assure us they will always make every effort to open – without putting the safety of their employees at risk. If you have a question about a specific organization or business on post, please use an internet search engine to find the phone number, and call them directly.


What time is PT? What time is formation?
If you have a question about your unit formation, you should contact your unit or first line supervisor. Soldier’s report time is at the discretion of the unit commander.


Why doesn’t my commander know post is closed if it is posted on facebook?
The Public Affairs Officer is one of the first people notified of post closures or delays. Once the PAO receive the information, it is posted on facebook. Unit commanders receive an email from the Garrison Commander within about 30 minutes of the decision being made. They then initiate their call-down procedures. Depending on the unit, it might take an hour or more for the information to get to the individual Soldier level. Ultimately, commander’s set the work schedule for Soldiers, so if you don’t hear from your chain of command, you should report to work or PT as required.


What time will post open?
“Post” is always open. When an announcement is made closing post, the installation itself does not “close.” All gates remain open. What closes are the non-mission-essential elements of the installation. For example, the bowling alley, fitness centers, and offices that do not perform emergency-essential services. Services impacting safety remain open – such as the Emergency Room. Some other agencies that do not fall under the command of the Garrison Commander may also remain open – including the PX, Commissary and other commercial or contract agencies.


What time do Inclement Weather Personnel report?
Inclement weather personnel should contact their supervisor for specific report times.

Is (insert agency/office here) going to be open?
As a rule of thumb, if the agency does not provide a service that is considered ESSENTIAL for the mission to be complete, or doesn’t directly impact the safety of the installation, it is not going to be open. The ID card section, the finance office, the records section, and other administrative offices will be closed. MWR facilities (Bowling, Gym, etc) will be CLOSED. If in doubt, call. A phone book can be found here: http://www.campbell.army.mil/tools/Documents/Ft_Campbell_TD_2010.pdf

Is the Air Assault School open for training?
Students should call the duty phone at 270-798-4410


Will the Child Development Centers be open?
During weather-related closures, the day care centers are open for emergency essential personnel only. The centers that are open are Eagles, and CDC 1. For School Age Services, Building 3301 is used. Hourly care will not open.
During delayed openings, Hourly care and regular care centers will open as soon as enough care providers report to work.


Will the Hospital be open?
BACH medical personnel are mission essential. If the installation is “closed” – medical personnel still report for work. Please use your best judgment when coming to appointments in bad weather. If you feel the roads are unsafe, please call to cancel or reschedule appointments, at 270-798-4677 or 931-431-4677 during the Appointment Line’s normal business hours (6 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.) or 270-798-VOID after hours.

The Emergency Room and Urgent Care centers will continue to provide acute and emergency medical care.
If you have a question about an appointment in a specific clinic, use the phone book at http://www.campbell.amedd.army.mil/BACHPhoneDirectory.pdf to call them directly. For up-to-the-minute information regarding BACH’s inclement weather operations, please visit the BACH Facebook page at www.facebook.com/BACH.Fort.Campbell.

Will the gate guards turn away personnel because they don’t have silver stickers on their ID Card?
No. If anyone was turned away from the gate because they lacked a sticker, that was an error on the part of the guard force. The current DA Civilian guard force understands the policy. The silver stickers are not required to access the installation during weather-related incidents. The gates continue to operate under normal hours.

Can I get on post/drive on post if it’s closed?
“Closing” Fort Campbell does not actually close the gates or the roads. It simply closes non-essential offices and organizations. However, if the weather is bad or road conditions are bad, you should use caution when driving on the installation.

Because Post is closed are all roads on Fort Campbell “Black”?
No. The road conditions provide an indicator of the status of the roads – the information at (270)798-ROAD is best used as a guide to understand the current road conditions. The Garrison Commander uses a variety of factors to determine if post is going to close, or open late. Road conditions on post are only part of the equation. Roads could be listed as Amber or Red and post may be closed.

Are the (Housing) Community Offices Closed?
Unless otherwise posted, they will be closed.


Will trash pick-up still run?
In most all cases, trash will still be picked up on the Resident's regularly scheduled day. If the refuse company has to be miss a day, they will make it up the following day as well as that day’s regular run.

What about my work-order/I need maintenance?
We have emergency personnel on-hand to handle all emergency work-orders. Include but not limited to frozen pipes, power loss, roof leaks, water heater repair, and HVAC repair. All other non-emergency work-orders are rescheduled at the Resident's convenience.