ATTENTION!!! The packing list for WLC has changed as of 15 NOV 2013. Please download the current packing list from the "WLC Packing List" Link to the left.

  <<LOCATION>> Graduation for WLC Class 005-14 will be at 1000 on April 25th 2014 on the NCOA Parade Field.                       

                                                 CSM Carel A. Tate                      1SG Lawrence E. Flowers                


                                                                      Commandant                              Deputy Commandant   

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 The mission of the 101st NCO Academy is to prepare selected Soldiers to train and lead those who will work and fight under their supervision.  Provide technical and tactical skills that improve collective mission proficiency through increased individual proficiency.  Provide leadership and technical skill training required for performance at current or the next higher skill level. Provide Soldiers the confidence and skills to train, mentor, and motivate Soldiers to meet high standards in all assigned tasks.  train them to lead by example and develop their professional values that are the foundation of leadership and provide the Army with trained leaders.   

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       WLC Class 006-14 report date is 06 May 2014 at 0800 on the NCO Academy parade field.   WLC Class 005-14 weapon pick up will be on 23 APR 2014 at 1500.


Commandant> (270) 798-7420 
Deputy Commandant> (270) 412-4897
Chief of Training> (270) 798-4813
ABIC/SGITC> (270) 798-4814
Academy S1> (270) 798-5038
Academy S3> (270) 798-6865
Academy S4> (270) 798-2688
Academy IMO> (270) 956-1240
Warrior Leader Course> (270) 798-2231



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 SSG Corbett