101st Airborne Division's Parachute Demonstration Team

Screaming Eagles


 Team Overview

Team Mission

The Screaming Eagles are the Army's oldest Parachute Demonstration team having preformed demonstration jumps around the world since 1958.  

Perform live aerial demonstrations in support of Army community relations and promote the United States Army through the sport of skydiving while representing the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) and its proud and unyielding airborne tradition.

We preform on average of 45 shows per year and specialize in demonstrations customized to your event.  Our team consists of 6-12 volunteer members and represents the wide variety of skills that has made 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) the world's most effective Air Assault Division.

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 Parachute Demonstration Team Information

 DD Form 2235  PAO PDT Request Form PDT Support Packet 


PDT Chief Office:                    270-412-4593
Show Coordinator Office:    270-412-8427
Email:   usarmy.campbell.101-abn-div.mbx.air-assault-school@mail.mil


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