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 Welcome to the 19th Air Support Operations Squadron, stationed at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky!

This page is designed to help incoming 19 ASOS personnel familiarize themselves with the Ft. Campbell area. Please contact the squadron using the numbers on the contacts page so we can assist you with your move.

We have also provided you with links to important offices on post to help you with billeting, housing and whatever else you may need. Ft. Campbell has all the services you would expect to find on an Air Force Base. Clarksville is your typical mid-sized city, and Nashville is just 45 minutes down the road.

Have a look around and let us know when you're coming in. We look forward to welcoming you to the fold!

Commercial: (270) 956-XXXX         DSN: 363-XXXX
Commander: 1366
Superintendent: 1309
First Sergeant: 1308
Secretary: 1366
Duty Desk: 1319
Orderly Room: 1330

Newcomer Information

Make sure you contact the squadron so we can assign you a sponsor.  When you arrive at the post, you should check into the Turner Guest House (see link below).  Report to the squadron any weekday between 0900-1600 for inprocessing.  We are located near the airfield on the north side of the post.  Look for the building with a yellow tank in front of it (see the link to the post map below).

The 19 ASOS has its own enlisted dorm, and Ft. Campbell has extensive on-post housing.  If you prefer to live off-post, have a look at this map to orient yourself.

Think of Clarksville as a giant "U".  On the west side is Ft. Campbell Blvd (Hwy 41A).  On the east is Wilma Rudolph.  At the south end is downtown and Austin Peay University.  The 41A has a lot of older construction.  It is recommended that you search for housing east of Outlaw Field.  For reference, the green arrow on the map represents a 20 minute drive to work.

Most of the shopping and restaurants are either on the 41A, or on Wilma Rudolph Blvd.

Helpful Links

Ft. Campbell Housing: On-post housing.  Waiting lists are not uncommon.
Post Map:  The 19 ASOS is located to the right of circle 17 on the map.
Ft. Campbell Newcomers Page: Basic information about the base and the area.
MWR: Contains links to childcare facilities and lists activities available on base.
Base Directory: Other useful phone numbers.

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