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Enterprise Email Outlook Web Access 

Entereprise Email Outlook Web Access is now available.

This allows you to access your Enterprise Email from CAC-enabled, Internet-connected computers, worldwide. Access to the web site requires the use of your Common Access Card (CAC); the computer used to connect to the site must have a CAC reader, and the Active Client CAC Middleware software

Enterprise Email OWA

CAC Middleware Download

CAC OWA Instructions 

These instructions do not apply to Government Furnished Equipment (GFE).  Your government-issued system is already setup to use CAC authentication.

If you plan on using your privately-owned, home personal computer to access OWA (or any other military website that requires or allows CAC authentication), you should procure a CAC reader now (from your own personal funds), download the software from AKO, and install the software on your personal home system.

Introduction: There are three parts to installing the CAC reader. The first is installing ActivClient 6.x software and the second is installing the CAC reader driver. The final part is installing the actual CAC reader itself. The order of each is important for a smooth installation. The CAC reader should not initially be plugged into the computer’s USB port until all software is installed and the computer is powered off.

Disclosure: Home use of ActivClient 6.x software in conjunction with a CAC reader enables users on personal PCs at home to access military and government Web sites requiring CAC identification. No technical support is provided for home users. These instructions focus on a reader commonly purchased and issued by the Army SCMSCR331 USB. Other readers may be substituted. Note step 4 below.


Download the software from https://www.us.army.mil/suite/folder/7757881 on AKO.

TIP: If you download the files to your Desktop, it will ease locating them later.

CAC Middleware Installation

ActivClient 6.2 (32 bit & 64 bit)

1. Download the ActivClient 6.2 file. Double click on the msi file to launch.

2. Verify 'Typical' is selected and click 'Next'.

Please Note:  The MSI file can also be used to Modify current installation, repair installation or to remove Active Client.

3. When this program is finished, reboot the computer.

4. If you have purchased your own CAC reader, use the software drivers that came with it, and follow the instructions that came with your purchase.

5. For an SCMSCR 331 USB reader on a non-Windows XP PC, install the CAC reader driver: Download the SCMSCR 331 USB.zip file. Extract it. Go back to the location you chose to extract the zip file. Double-click on the SCMSCR 331 USB folder, then the Installer folder and run Setup.exe . Accept all the defaults, and accept the license agreement. When it prompts you for Customer Information, you can put anything you like. When setup is completed, allow the computer to shut down. For Windows XP PCs, skip to step 6.

6. Install the CAC reader: After the computer shuts off, plug the CAC reader into an available USB port on the computer and power up the computer. Once Windows is reloaded, it will recognize the CAC reader and “plug and play” the driver installed in the previous step. At this point, the CAC reader is fully functional. Refer to document CAC Registration & Troubleshooting Guide for Internet Explorer or CAC Registration Guide for Firefox for instructions on registering the CAC with the browser and with AKO.


Link to AKO



Image of a CAC card and Keyboard

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