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Social/Recreation Resources

Overview: Social is the method of living together or enjoying life in communities or organized groups while recreation is the refreshment in body or mind, as after work, by some form of play, amusement, or relaxation

Support Groups: http://www.campbell.army.mil/services/crisis/Pages/SupportGroups.aspx

  Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers

Dale Wayrynen Recreation Center; 6145 at 38th and Desert Storm Avenue, Fort Campbell, KY 42223


Monday-Friday 11:30AM – 10AM, Saturday-Sunday 1PM – 10PM

Support Services: Home to the BOSS Program, DW Recreation is a home away from home for Soldiers with indoor recreational activities, music rooms, game room, auditorium, and TV areas. The BOSS Program supports the overall quality of a single soldier’s life according to DA Circular 608-01-1 and also includes the unaccompanied soldier. BOSS provides leisure and recreation; community service opportunities; and single soldier well being; and encourages and assists soldiers in identifying and planning recreational and leisure activities.

Family Resource Center (FRC)

1501 William C. Lee Road, Fort Campbell, KY 42223

270-956-2935; Family Assistance Call Line 866-252-9391

Monday-Friday 7:30AM – 4:30PM


Support Services: The FRC is a one stop shop for all Family Readiness Groups (FRG) and their Family members. The FRC provides computers internet services, copy machines, and meeting rooms to hold a variety of FRG functions. The FRC is home to Army Community Services Family Programs.

Fort Campbell Outdoor Recreation

6645 101st Airborne Division Road, Fort Campbell, KY 42223



Support Services: Outdoor Recreation on post offers a wide variety of activities including Hunting and Fishing Programs; Adventure Programs; Archery and Skeet Ranges; Paintball; Camping; and Riding Stables. These activities are available to ID Card members individually or group rates are available. Also includes Swimming pools both indoor and outdoor; Golf Course; Bowling; Gear to Go outdoor equipment rentals.

MWR Special Events

5663 Screaming Eagle Blvd; Fort Campbell, KY 42223



Support Services: Fort Campbell MWR plays host to several social events throughout the year, such as the Independence Day Celebration; Concerts; Family Fun Day Activities and a host of seasonal fairs all year long.

MWR Sports and Fitness

5666 Wickham Ave; Fort Campbell, KY 42223



Services: The Sports and Fitness office operates and maintains over 18 recreational facilities here at Fort Campbell including 6 physical fitness centers, numerous athletic fields and complexes, 5+ parks, Fryar Stadium, and the Wilson Theater. In addition to the operation of these facilities, the Sports Office also coordinates intramural athletics, Sporting Events, and tournaments. The Intramural Sports Program offers Active Military the opportunity to enhance individual morale and unite esprit de corps, through individual and team competition. Intramural sports include softball, golf, bowling, soccer, flag football, tennis, volleyball, basketball and power lifting.

Taylor Youth Services & Youth Sports

80 Texas Avenue; Fort Campbell, KY 42223


Monday-Friday 5:30AM – 7PM


Services: Provides social interaction in a wide range of recreational and developmental activities for youth, grades K-12. Registration and physicals are required for all activities.