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Other Public Affairs Offices

Each Brigade Combat Team and other major unit also has a Public Affairs Team. They may be reached at the numbers below:

101st Sustainment Brigade

(270) 412-4237

1st Brigade Combat Team

(270) 956-2006

2nd Brigade Combat Team

(270) 798-9590

3rd Brigade Combat Team

(270) 798-3881

4th Brigade Combat Team


159th Aviation

(270) 412-6787

101st Combat Aviation Brigade

(270) 956-3488

5th Group

(270) 956-3915

160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment

(270) 412-8108

Blanchfield Army Community Hospital

(270) 798-8865

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The Fort Campbell and 101st Airborne Division Public Affairs Offices advise the Division and Garrison commanders and execute the command's Media Relations, Community Relations and Command Information missions.

The Public Affairs Office is responsible for all media interactions, community relations events, and the publishing of the weekly Fort Campbell Courier.

The main number for the Public Affairs office is (270) 798-3025 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on weekdays. You may also visit this link to contact the PAO via email.  

Media Relations

The media relations section of the public affairs office is the liaison between the news and entertainment media and the installation and units assigned here. Daily, we deal with queries from news media organizations and often work with entertainment media for projects from documentaries to music videos. The media relations office also provides briefings for groups and training for individuals to prepare for media engagements.

Unescorted media are not permitted on the installation.

If you are a member of the media, you may call (270) 798-9971 for assistance.

Community Relations

The Community Relations section facilitates outreach between Fort Campbell the surrounding communities. Fort Campbell and the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) frequently provide Soldiers and equipment to support local events. Events cannot be fund raisers and must be nonpartisan. Support is based on the availability of assets and mission requirements.

Forms are available (to the right) to request support from the Division Band, the Parachute Demonstration Team, Soldiers, equipment, or to request a group tour of Fort Campbell. The forms may be faxed to (270) 798-6247.

The Community Relations section also responds to noise and training abatement issues. If you have concerns about low flying aircraft or other maneuver issues, you may call (270) 461-1277 or 798-4365, or you may fill out the form to the right and fax it to 270-798-6247.

Fort Campbell Courier

The Fort Campbell Courier is published weekly on Thursday evenings, and delivered to each set of quarters on Fort Campbell. The Courier is also available at a number of off-post locations.

If you have an item you wish to run in the Courier, click here to contact us.

If you are interested in advertising in the Fort Campbell Courier, please (270) 439-5122.

Division Public Affairs

The 101st Airborne Division Public Affairs office responds to issues relating directly to the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault). Each Brigade Combat Team (BCT) also has a Public Affairs representative. Contact numbers for those PAOs are posted to the left.