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Last Updated 8 Feb 2011

Fort Campbell
Installation Provost Marshal Office
Military Police Investigations (MPI)

The Fort Campbell MPI section conducts Child Safety Seat Training, serves warrants and conducts AWOL Apprehension/Civil Liaison Operations, administers the Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Board (AFDCB) and Juvenile Review Board, conducts Investigations of ID Theft, Larcenies, Damages, Assaults, Domestics, and Juvenile Crimes, as well as the Testing/Identification of Drugs and the Collection of Evidence. In addition we provide DARE training in the Installation schools and during several Summer Camps operated for the soldiers, and their families members.

 schild riding bicycle through training course being overseen by Military Police Officer   illicit drugs on a scale

Contact us: 270-956-4332

Military Police Badge