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Recycling and Solid Waste

Recycle Fort Campbell!


The waste collection system is designed for the collection of waste generated on the installation during normal operations. Waste containers are sized and placed at locations throughout the installation to maximize convenience and minimize excess waste.

Field trash and off-post trash creates a burden on the waste collection system designed to collect only the waste normally generated on the installation. The Recycling Convenience Center is located near the south vehicle wash facility which is conveniently located and designed to handle trash during and at the end of field exercises. Field trash should not be taken to company or hangar areas.

Introduction of off-post trash at installation collection points violates Kentucky and Tennessee State Laws and causes overflows at collection points.

Introduction of hazardous materials/waste and munitions such as, unused MRE heaters, compressed gas cylinders, florescent light tubes, aerosol cans, blanks, smoke devices (used and unused), etc… into waste containers creates regulatory/safety problems and the potential for fines.


Recycling is a key factor in the management of solid waste. Recycling turns materials that would otherwise become waste into valuable resources. Not only does recycling divert materials from the landfill, bit it also conserves natural resources while using existing ones.

Recycling of Paper and Cardboard is Mandatory

All offices and activities on the installation are required to participate in the mandatory cardboard and office paper recycling initiative per the Garrison Commander memorandum issued 31 January 2003. Each major office building is equipped with containers for paper and small quantities of cardboard. All paper (paper in any color: newspapers, magazines, junk mail, brochures, flyers, scratch paper, copier/computer paper, manuals, tab cards, letterhead, paperboard packaging such as cracker boxes and soda boxes and phone books) should be placed in these containers for pick up by contractor personnel. Paper that is not collected includes laminated, carbon, photographic paper, tissues, napkins and paper cups/plates. Cardboard should be flattened and placed in recycle containers or flattened and stacked next to the container for removal. Building managers without paper containers should call 798-9785/9618/9767 to obtain them. Paper and corrugated materials will not be placed in refuse containers or dumpsters for disposal.

The Recycle Center
5225 Desert Storm Avenue
Open Monday through Friday, 0730-1600

Accepting the following materials:  

  • Military Ammunition Cans 

The Recycling Convenience Center:
Receives field trash after exercises and solid waste from on-post housing and activities. Recyclables from off-post personnel are also accepted. However, in accordance with local, state, and Federal laws, bringing household trash onto the installation is prohibited. If there are any questions regarding what may be brought to the recycle center, please call the number listed below. 

Recycling Convenience Center (798-5695)
Located at Airborne Street & A Shau Valley Road 
Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday --------------------------------------------
Saturday -------------------------------------------------------------
Sunday ---------------------------------------------------------------
DONSA--------------------------------------------------------------- 0800-1600

Containers are provided at the Recycling Convenience Center for the following:

  • Scrap wood and yard debris
  • Type 1 & 2 plastic containers
  • Unpainted-non sensitive scrap metals
  • Unused Field Ration Heaters 
  • Scrap aluminum
  • Food and beverage cans
  • Cardboard
  • White paper
  • Mixed paper 
  • Glass
  • Used oil (non-military)
  • Used antifreeze (non-military)
  • Used automotive batteries from personal owned vehicles are also accepted
  • Household hazardous materials, i.e., cleaning chemicals
  • Printer ink cartridges
  • Computers and computer peripherals 

Pollution Prevention Operations Center (798-9771/1157)
2nd & Wickham

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 0700-1530

Items issued through the Pollution Preventions Operations Center (PPOC)/Hazardous Materials Control Center (HMCC) should be returned to the PPOC, unit or activity hazardous materials storage area when they are empty per a commanding general memorandum issued Feb.1999.

DLA Disposition Services - Campbell (Formerly DRMO) (270-798-4897/3295/3525)
Bldg 5212, 8th and Oregon
Item Turn-In Hours: Monday -Thursday, 0700-1200
Military items should be turned in to DLA Disposition Services - Campbell accompanied by the appropriate documentation.