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Welcome to the Passport Office Website.  We process official, no-fee passports and visas for all family members and DA civilians that will PCS overseas with their sponsor.  We also process official passports for military members who are traveling to a location that requires a soldier to have a passport for official business.  These passports cannot be used for vacations or personal travel.

Please read through the FAQ for important information and items you need to turn in to get a passport. The passport application must be completed on-line and printed before you come to your appointment.  If you come to your appointment with only partial items, you will be rescheduled to return at a later date. 

If you have questions please call 270-798-5241 or questions may be submitted on the appointment request form.

Passport appointments are available Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 1230-1500 and are in half hour increments.  You will be scheduled on a first come, first serve basis.  You may request a specific time, during these hours, and we will try to accommodate.  Please request this on the comment section of the appointment request.

To request an appointment, please email:   usarmy.campbell.imcom-atlantic.mbx.dhr-passports@mail.mil 



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