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Fort Campbell Community Planning: 

Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) Program


JLUS Program Overview

The Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) Program is a DoD-sponsored program which makes community planning assistance available to state and local government to help better understand and incorporate military technical data into local planning programs.  A JLUS is a cooperative land use planning effort between affected local governments and the military installation.  The recommendations present a rationale and justification, and provide a policy framework to support adoption and implementation of compatible development measures designed to prevent urban encroachment;  safeguard the military mission; and protect the public health, safety and welfare3.

The JLUS Program objectives are twofold:

  1) To encourage cooperative land use planning between military installations and the surrounding communities so that future civilian growth and development are compatible with the training or operational missions of the installation; and

  2)  To seek ways to reduce the operational impacts on adjacent land.

 The JLUS plan serves as an advisory document for local community and military use.  It contains recommendations to preserve the ongoing mission of the installation and also to protect the health, welfare and safety of surrounding communities.


JLUS activities at Fort Campbell

The Fort Campbell region was an early adopter of this coordinated approach to planning around military installations.  In 1996, the Army and participating local governments completed a JLUS for the surrounding four-county are of Montgomery, Stewart, Christian and Trigg Counties. The original study examined (off-post) noise generated by training/aviation activities at Fort Campbell along with local land use activities in the vicinity of the installation.   As an outcome of the Study, the Fort Campbell JLUS Partnership was created in 1998. 

In 2007, the JLUS Partnership undertook an update of the original plan which was completed in late 2009.  The new study contains, an assessment of night-vision device (NVD) training on and around Fort Campbell, along with recommendations to protect this capability, was provided.   Low resolution copies of the final JLUS plan and technical appendix are available for downloading.    



Accomplishments to Date

The Fort Campbell JLUS Partnership has resulted in a number of successful initiatives, including the adoption of local regulations to protect Campbell Army Airfield and Sabre Army Helipot from incompatible land use, as well as improved coordination between Fort Campbell and local planning representatives.