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Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) is designed to allow the customer to provide feedback on services received. The service provider has three working days to respond to customer comments, if customer contact information is provided.

Community First

Community First has partnered with AFAP to create the "My Army Voice" Program. This process includes a quarterly Installation Action Council. The purpose of this program is to address issues and concerns on an installation level.  Please click on the link above to submit issues.

The customer service assessment is an annual assessment designed to measure how important a service is to the Fort Campbell Community, in addition to how well we are performing that service.  


MY Army Voice, can make a difference today


Customer Management Services

CMS is a three tiered feedback process that continuously seeks and uses customer feedback to synchronize, evaluate and improve both the delivery and receipt of installation programs and services. 

We use the Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) to gather feedback from our individual customers about the service they receive on the Installation.

Community FIRST is designed to focus on constituent group (ie. soldiers, family members, retirees, teens, etc) issues, concerns and ideas. Community FIRST works hand in hand with AFAP. Issues and concerns that can not be addressed on the Installation are voted to forward to the AFAP program and then have the opportunity to be submitted to higher headquarters for research and resolution.

The third tier in our process is the annual Customer Service Assessment (CSA). This is designed to evaluate how important the services on Ft. Campbell are to our customers and how well we, as a Garrison, are providing those services.

 CMS Issues

Contact Info:

Installation Customer Service Officer

Garrison HQ, T-39 Room 232