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101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) and Fort Campbell

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Office of the Staff Judge Advocate

Monday – Friday 0900 - 1700
(Hours vary within the sections.  Click on the hyperlinks for business hours.)

Contact Information
(DSN 635)


Client Services (Bldg.2765, Tennessee Ave.)
Legal Assistance: (270) 798-4432/0931
Claims: (270) 798-5011
Tax Center (Bldg. 2699, Kentucky Ave., Dec to May):  (270) 798-1040
Tax Center (Bldg. 2765, Tennessee Ave., May to Dec): (270) 412-3272
MEB Outreach (Bldg. 6139, Desert Storm Ave.):  (270) 461-4028/4034

Trial Defense Services (Bldg. 127, Forrest Rd.)
(270) 798-4417

Administrative and Civil Law (Bldg. 125, Forrest Rd.)
(270) 798-2441

Criminal Law (Bldg. 125, Forrest Rd.)
(270) 798-0932/0897

U.S. District Court (Bldg. 5858, Tennessee Ave.)
(270) 798-6606

Administrative Office
(270) 798-5890/0965


Department of Defense Warning

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