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Legal Assistance



  • Call or come to the office to make an appointment. When you come for your appointment, please bring any documentation you may have pertaining to your case.

  • Emergencies will be seen at the discretion of the Chief of Client Services.

  Powers of Attorney and Notarizations

  • Soldiers should go to their brigade legal offices for powers of attorney and notarizations.
  • Dependents and Soldiers at units without legal offices should come to the Legal Assistance section.
Legal Services. General advice and assistance in the following areas:
  • Personal Civil Disputes and Real Property Issues
    1. Contracts and Leases
    2. Auto Warranties and Lemon Law
  • Economic Matters
    1. Insurance
  • Family Matters
    1. Adoption
    2. Garnishment Orders
    3. Involuntary Allotments
    4. Dependent Support
    5. Separation and Divorce
    6. Child Custody
  • Military Matters
    1. FLIPL rebuttals and requests for reconsideration
    2. GOMOR rebuttals
    3. OER/NCOER rebuttals
    4. Surviving spouse issues
  • Special Victim's Counsel
    1. How it can help your soldier.
  • Preventive Law

Limitations on Services. We do not provide assistance in the following areas:

Information papers
Airborne Express:

Lease Termination for ETS under SCRA 
Adoption and the Indian Child Welfare Act 
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For more information on legal services, please visit the Army Legal Assistance website at the below link:

JAGCNet.Army.Mil - The Judge Advocate General's Official Site.

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