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Army Family Action Plan (AFAP)

Welcome to AFAP
“Fresh Ideas Start with AFAP”

The Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) is an Army-wide program that allows all members of the Army (Active Duty, Reserve Components, and National Guard) Retired Military, Family Members and Civilian Employees to identify issues of concern that impact the well being of the entire Army Family. Through this process, issues requiring actions are prioritized, assigned to a lead agency for resolution, and an action plan is established to achieve desired change.

The AFAP process operates on three levels: Installation level, Forces Command (FORSCOM) level and Department of the Army (DA) level. Since AFAP was created in 1983, there have been 117 Legislative changes, 162 Department of Defense or Army policy changes and 178 Improved programs or services/funding. Some examples of AFAP successes are creation of the Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS) Program, establishing School Liaison Officers, development of Army Family Team Building, increase in military annual leave carry over and so many more.

   If you have an AFAP Issue, we need to hear from you, your suggestions could bring change to better the entire Army family! When you submit an issue through the website please include the Issue Title (brief summary of the issue), Issue Scope (state the current condition, provide facts or details, and the impact of the problem) and the Recommendation (what you want to see happen). You can also email your issue or come by the AFAP Office to fill out an issue sheet.

The AFAP office is located in the Family Resource Center, Bldg 1501 William C. Lee Road just inside of Gate 1.

Give AFAP a call at (270)798-2063

Click here to submit an AFAP Issue

Or email: