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Public Affairs Office

The Fort Campbell and 101st Airborne Division Public Affairs Office advise the Division and Garrison commanders and executes the command's Media Relations, Community Relations and Command Information missions.

Phone: (270) 798-3025

Fax: (270) 798-6247

To contact a Public Affairs Office representative on weekends, holidays and after 4:30p.m. on weekdays, call (270) 798-9793. If you are a family member calling about a deployed Soldier, please call 1-866-252-9319.



ice.PNGICE (Interactive Customer Evaluation) is the Internet-based customer comment card system giving Fort Campbell community members the opportunity to rate the products and services provided by the different DoD offices and facilities worldwide. Your comment card ratings are appreciated and are used to improve the products and service offerings the DoD makes available to you

​Frequent Numbers
Abuse Issues (Spousal & Child) 798-8601 (After Hours 798-8400/8601)
ACS: Information & Referrals 798-9322
ACS: Lending Closet 798-6313
ACS: Relocation & Welcome Packets 956-2676
All Emergencies 911
Ambulance 911
American Red Cross 798-2171
Army Emergency Relief (AER) 798-5518
BACH-Appointment Line 798-HOSP(4677) or 431-HOSP (4677)
Blanchfield Army Community Hospital (BACH) Information 798-8400/8388
Bomb Squad (EOD) After Duty Hours 931-933-0010
CARE (Chaplain) 798-2273
Child Development Services Registration 798-0674
Commissary Information 270-640-4008
Crash Alarm (Aircraft) 798-2222
Criminal Investigation 798-9406 (After Hours 798-7112/7113)
Education Center 798-3201/ 461-1469
Exceptional Family Member Program 956-0614
Family Housing (Off Post) 798-3808
Family Member Employment Assistance 798-4412
Federal Job Information Center 798-4412
In/ Out Processing 798-5813/3761
Fire 911
Fort Campbell Army Lodging 439-2229
Fort Campbell Fire Department 911
Fort Campbell Post Office (Civilian) 439-4114
Fort Campbell Schools 439-3790
ID Cards/DEERS 798-2424
Chaplain 798-6124 (After Hours 798-CARE (2273))
Staff Judge Advocate 798-5890
Legal Assistance Client Services 798-6369
Military Official Mail Center 798-2815
Military Police (NON-EMERGENCY-24 hours) 798-7111/7112/7113
MWR 798-7535
Post Exchange (Main Store) 439-1841/1842
Replacement Detachment 798-2817/2813
Retirement Services/ Transition Center 798-5280/3310
Transportation Appointments (Personal Property) 798-7151/7152
Vehicle Registration 798-5047
Veterinary Treatment Facility 798-3614/ 4844
Western Union 439-6630