Office of the Staff Judge Advocate

The mission of the Fort Campbell Office of the Staff Judge Advocate (OSJA) is to support commanders and their staff with dedicated, timely, and highly individualized counsel, utilizing every legal strategy to the highest ethical standard, while also delivering invaluable legal services to Soldiers, Families, and Retirees on Fort Campbell and from the surrounding area.

Monday – Friday 0900 - 1700
(Hours vary within the sections.)

Contact Information
(DSN 635)


Office of the Staff Judge Advocate
5911 Currahee Street and Tennessee Avenue
Fort Campbell, Kentucky 42223-5000


Office of the Staff Judge Advocate
5911 35th Street and Tennessee Avenue
Fort Campbell, Kentucky 42223-5000

Administrative and Civil Law (270) 798-2441
Criminal Law (270) 798-0932/0897
Operational Law (270) 798-0722


The Administrative and Civil Law Division provides legal advice to Fort Campbell commanders, staff, tenant, and partner organizations regarding administrative law matters. These include legal review of contract actions, labor and personnel actions, environmental issues, fiscal issues, AR 15-6 investigations, financial liability investigations of property loss, line of duty investigations, Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act requests, and other matters involving installation activities.

The Criminal Law Division of the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate advises and assists the commander in the administration of the UCMJ, to include the disposition of alleged offenses by courts-martial or non-judicial punishment, appeals of non-judicial punishment, and action on courts-martial findings and sentences. Supervise the administration and prosecution of courts-martial, preparation of records of trial, the victim-witness assistance program, and military justice training for all Army personnel.

DA Pam 27-17 (32 IO Guide)

FLIPL Investigating Officer Guide

LOD Investigating Officer Guide

Summary Court Martial Ofc Guide

Client Services
2765 Tennessee Ave., Fort Campbell, KY 42223 (across from military courthouse)
Hours : Monday – Wednesday: 0900-1630, Thursday 1300-1630, Friday 0900-1500. Closed for lunch daily: 1200-1300

Legal Assistance (270) 798-4432 (Press 1)
Tax Center (2699 Kentucky Ave): (270) 798-1040
Claims (270) 798-5011
MEB Outreach (270) 412-3272



The Legal Assistance section advises and assists active duty service members and retirees, their dependents, and reservists on active duty for more than 29 days continuously with personal, civil and legal matters. Services include: powers of attorney, notary services, preparation of wills, advising and assisting with domestic relations, non-support, consumer protection, landlord tenant issues, appeals of OERs and NCOERs, and FLIPL rebuttals.

The Claims section investigates, adjudicates, and settles claims filed both on behalf of the Government and against the Government. These claims include personnel claims, tort claims, affirmative claims, and Article 139 claims.

TheTax Center offers free income tax preparation and electronic filing for active-duty Soldiers, dependents, and military retirees. The Tax Center is managed by a Legal Assistance attorney from the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate and staffed by Fort Campbell Soldiers and civilians. The staff is trained and certified by the Internal Revenue Service, which enables them to assist eligible persons in preparing and electronically filing most federal and state returns.

MEB Outreach section provides assistance to any Soldiers going through the medical evaluation process, advocating for the Soldier from the beginning of medical processing through the informal phases of the Physical Evaluation Board (PEB).

Tort Claims Information Paper

Article 139 Claims

SF 95

HHG Claims Information Paper

POV Claims Information Paper

DD Form 1842

DD Form 1844

DD Form 788

Will Worksheet


Trial Defense Services                
6924 Desert Storm Ave., Fort Campbell, KY 42223
(270) 798-4417

Hours of Operation:

MONDAY 0900 – 1200 - Article 15 Briefing
1330-1630 - Walk-Ins

TUESDAY 0900 – 1200 - Chapter Briefing
1330-1630 - Walk-Ins

WEDNESDAY 0900 – 1200 - Article 15 Briefing
1330-1630 - Walk-Ins

THURSDAY 0900 – 1200 - Closed for Sergeant's Time Training
1330-1630 - Chapter Briefing

FRIDAY 0900 – 1200 - Walk-Ins
1330-1630 - Closed for Leadership


USATDS provides specified defense counsel services for Army personnel, whenever required by law or regulation and authorized by The Judge Advocate General (TJAG) or TJAG’s designee.

Duties of USATDS:

Priority I:
1. Special and General Courts-Martial representation
2. Article 32, UCMJ, representation; and
3. Counseling of pretrial confinees.

Priority II:
1. Counseling IAW Article 31/Miranda/Tempia requirements
2. Counseling with regard to Summary Courts-Martial (SCM)
3. Formal Article 15, UCMJ, counseling;
4. Representation and counseling of officers recommended for elimination UP of AR 600-8-24
5. Counseling of officers desiring to submit a resignation in lieu of administrative elimination or Resignation for the Good of the Service Pending General Court-Martial
6. Representation and counseling of enlisted Soldiers recommended for involuntary separation UP of AR 635-200
7. Representation and counseling for reduction boards based on misconduct.

TDS Office Hours

TDS Appt. Request Instructions

Article 15 Appeal Info

Administrative Separation (Chapter) Information

Suspect's Rights

U.S. District Court
5858 Tennessee Ave., Fort Campbell, KY 42223
(270) 798-6606
Mailing Address: Office of the Staff Judge Advocate
HQ 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault)
Fort Campbell, KY 42223-5208

Administrative Office
(270) 798-0963


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