U.S. District Court

5858 Tennessee Ave.

Fort Campbell, KY 42223

(270) 798-6606

If You Have a Notice from the CVB:

  • Our court receives notice of offenses from the CVB, the Central Violations Bureau. This entity is not located at our courthouse, and in many instances we must call the CVB phone number listed on the back of the ticket to receive any information about your case. If you would like faster service, we recommend calling them first to ensure they have actually received and processed your ticket.
  • If the front of your ticket states "MCA" in the fine amount box, you will have to appear in court to handle the offense listed on the ticket. If your ticket has a date to appear in court, you must be in court at that date and time. If your ticket does not have a date, please wait the full 45 days for a "Notice to Appear" in your physical mailbox. If your address is incorrect, or there will be some other issue preventing you from receiving that notice, please call the number on the back of your ticket to discuss with the CVB.
  • We will receive a list of every individual who has to be present at upcoming court dates about a week in advance of that date. Until that point, only the CVB will be able to tell you if your Notice to Appear has been mailed or if they have not set a court date for your case. If you are concerned that you may have to appear, please call during the last week of the month prior to check with our office.

General Administrative Information:

  • We are located at 5858 Tennessee Avenue on Fort Campbell, at the District Courthouse. The District Courthouse is across from the Legal Assistance Office, and next to the Military Courthouse. Our phone number: 270.798.6606/5915
  • We are open for walk-in customers from 1300 – 1600 every day, except federal holidays. Should the office close for other reasons, there will be a sign on the door indicating when we will re-open. Training holidays and Fort Campbell mission requirements may impact our office hours.
  • We are available by phone from 0730 – 1630 every day, subject to the same exceptions above.
  • Court dates are generally the first week of each month, Wednesday through Friday.
  • Offenses handled in this court encompass Kentucky, Tennessee, and Federal law. For more information regarding our jurisdiction, please contact us.
​But, I Just Want to Pay My Ticket:
  • You have a right to contest your ticket, whether it is a traffic offense, a Class A misdemeanor, or anything else we see in this court. It is entirely your decision.
  • Please note that paying a traffic ticket is the same thing as pleading guilty to the offense; the activity listed on the citation may go in your criminal record. Should you have questions about processes, we will assist best we can. Should you have questions about legal substance, what a guilty plea would mean for your individual circumstances, or what the crime in question is, we recommend you seek either private or appointed legal counsel.
  • Should you still desire to pay your ticket, please note it will take 4 – 6 weeks for your citation to reach the CVB, after it has been handed to you. The CVB cannot take a payment from you until they have received and logged the ticket. Please call the CVB directly to see if your ticket is logged. Once it is in their system, you will have 30 days to pay the ticket. You may have to call multiple times over that 4 -6 week period, until the CVB confirms you can pay.