Claims:  The Claims section processes, investigates, and adjudicates, the settlement of non-contractual claims against the Army . It processes claims for lost or damaged property, personal injury, death, disasters, and other costs arising from Army operations. The Claims section processes several broad categories of claims.

Personnel Claims:  Claims against the U.S. filed by soldiers, DA civilians, and other military personnel for loss and damage of personal property occurring incident to service.  These include claims for damage to household goods during a PCS move.

Tort Claims:  Claims against the U.S. for personal injury, death, or property damage caused by the negligence of military personnel acting in the scope of employment or occurring incident to the noncombat operations of the armed services.  These include claims under the Military Claims Act, the Federal Tort Claims Act, the National Guard Claims Act, the Foreign Claims Act, and a number of other claims statutes. (Information Paper)

Article 139 Claims:  Article 139 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice allows commanders to investigate claims filed by victims of a wrongful taking or willful destruction of property committed by Soldiers. If the claim is substantiated, the victim can be paid directly from the wrongdoer’s military pay.

Affirmative Claims:  Claims on behalf of the U.S. against negligent third parties for damage to military property or injury to military personnel.