Ronald Grayson, M.A., RPA
Program Manager, Cultural Resources Program

Ronald Grayson is the Cultural Resources Program Manager and Cemetery Responsible Official at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.  A Navy veteran, Mr. Grayson is an archaeologist with Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Florida State University in Anthropology, with a minor in Classics. Ron is a Registered Professional Archaeologist and member of the Society for Historical Archaeology.  His research interests include underwater archaeology, history, historic preservation, Federal land management, and historic archaeology. Mr. Grayson has previously worked at the Avon Park Air Force Range in Florida and the Florida and Virginia State Historic Preservation Offices.

Phone: (270) 412-8174



Katherine L. Burnett, Ph.D., RPA
Staff Archaeologist, Plexus Scientific

Dr. Burnett is a Registered Professional Archaeologist with research interests in historic transportation networks, archaeological ethics, Native American and Indigenous Studies, and the archaeology and anthropology of the American West. She received her BA in anthropology from the University of Delaware in 2007 and her Ph.D. in archaeology and social context from Indiana University-Bloomington in 2013.

Prior to joining the Fort Campbell Cultural Resources Office with Plexus Scientific Corporation in 2016, Dr. Burnett served as lead archaeologist for the Redhorse Corporation at Fort Irwin and the National Training Center, a U.S. Army installation located 40 miles north of Barstow, California, in the Mojave Desert. Her duties at Fort Campbell include completing condition assessments for the installation’s historic cemeteries and significant archaeological sites, coordinating logistics for outside contractors to conduct surveys within the installation, and reviewing Tennessee One Calls to ensure that projects will not negatively impact important cultural resources.

Phone: (270) 412-1048

Hillary Burt, M.A., RPA
Archaeologist, Plexus Scientific

Hillary became an archaeologist at Fort Campbell, Kentucky in 2013. She received her B.A. from the University of Alabama with a double major in Anthropology and History in 2010. She also studied Archaeology and History at the National University of Ireland in Galway in 2009. She received her M.A. in Anthropology from the University of Alabama in 2012, and worked as a teaching assistant in the Anthropology department for two years. Her research interests include historic archaeology and cemetery studies, and she is a registered professional archaeologist. She works for Plexus Scientific Corporation as contract support for the Fort Campbell Cultural Resources Office (FTC-CRO), and previously worked for Engineering and Environment, Inc. (EEI) as contract support for the FTC-CRO. Hillary manages all of the databases for the FTC-CRO including the archaeological sites, archaeological surveys, artifacts, structures, and cemeteries databases. She is also the point of contract for all public outreach and any inquiries regarding the 131 cemeteries on Fort Campbell. She also performs project analysis, site monitoring, archaeological surveys, and archaeological site evaluations on Fort Campbell. She resides in Clarksville, Tennessee and always brakes for cemeteries.

Phone: (270) 798-7228

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Amanda Gill, M.A., RPA
Staff Archaeologist (Team Lead), Plexus Scientific

Amanda Gill joined the Fort Campbell Cultural Resources Office in 2011.  Ms. Gill obtained her Master’s Degree in Applied Archaeology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Ms. Gill also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Archaeological Sciences, with a Minor in Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies from Penn State University.

Ms. Gill is a Registered Professional Archaeologist with extensive knowledge of federal laws regarding archaeological sites and historic properties.  Her experience in archaeology includes all phases of excavation related to prehistoric and historic period sites in the Eastern Woodlands and Southeast United States.  Ms. Gill’s research interests include historic architecture, archaeological geophysics and application of geospatial technology to archaeology.

Phone: (270) 798-9104