Job Shadowing Program (JSP)



The US Army Garrison (USAG), Fort Campbell Job Shadowing Program (JSP) provides the opportunity for an employee to work alongside another employee within or external to their JSP.jpgorganization to gain experience of the role of another individual, to gain an insight into another work area, or to work alongside more experienced colleagues so they can learn and develop within their current role, and to help improve communication across organizations. 


Who: Any USAG employee that has held an Army Civilian position, or a combination of Army Civilian positions, for a total of 2 or more years.

  • Employee must:
    • Have completed CES requirements (at least the DL portion) relevant to their grade and supervisory responsibilities.
    • Demonstrate exceptional character, commitment, potential for growth, and future leadership capability within the command.

What: Job Shadowing Program for up to 2 weeks (days do not have to be consecutive)

When: Application period is open from 15 October – 30 November

Why: To learn new skills, gain new networks, and make positive contributions to the Fort Campbell community.

What do you need to submit:

Completed application form approved by Supervisor and Director/Activity Chief (link)


If you have questions, please check out our FAQ's (Link)

Submit packet to Leslie Herlick, Training Integration Branch, leslie.a.herlick.civ@mail.mil, 270-412-6603.  Scott Galbraith, Training Officer, scott.b.galbraith.civ@mail.mil, 270-798-2687 is the JSP Program Manager.


Disclaimer: Participation in the JSP is voluntary and can be withdrawn at any time.  Participation in the program is not a guarantee for future training, assignment, promotion, or career advancement.

JSP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (Link)

Application and Completion Documents

Supervisor and Employee Engagement Guide

Employee Application

Call for Opportunities

Supervisor Assessment of Performance Objectives

Program Participant Evaluation

Opportunity Provider Evaluation

As applicable, Application and Completion Documents should be downloaded to your desktop, completed and signed, saved, and emailed with supporting documents to the POC below.               

POC: Civilian Professional Development opportunities is Leslie Herlick, 270-412-6603, email:  leslie.a.herlick.civ@mail.mil