Professional Development (PD)

Professional Development program (PD) is designed to provide a planned, systematic and coordinated program of professional development which supports organizational goals and missions. Competitive Professional Development encompasses functionally tailored developmental opportunities which may occur in academic environments, business/industrial settings or in other strategically planned career enhancing developmental assignments that have been identified in an Army Civilian Training, Education and Development.

A competency is an (observable) measurable pattern of knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics that individuals need in order to successfully perform their work. Click here for competency definitions.

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Professional Development

Local Programs

Academic Degree Training

Academic Degree Training
The Army may pay and/or assist Army Civilian employees in obtaining an academic degree if the training meets identified organizational training needs; resolves an identified staffing problem or accomplishes organizational goals in the strategic plan.

Army Congressional Fellowship Program

Army Congressional Fellowship Program
GS-11 to GS-14. The purpose of the Army Congressional Fellowship Program (ACFP) is to educate and train selected Army officers and Civilians in all aspects of congressional activities, emphasizing those matters regarding the Department of Defense (DOD). .

Federal Executive Institute Leadership for a Democratic Society

Federal Executive Institute Leadership for a Democratic Society
(GS-15) The Leadership for a Democratic Society (LDS) program is designed to develop career executive competencies, linking individual development to improved agency performance.

House Appropriations Committee (HAC) Professional Development program

House Appropriations Committee (HAC) Professional Development program
(GS-12 to 15) This program is targeted to eligible individuals seeking increased knowledge and proficiency in the Federal Budget, the Budget process, investigation techniques, budget policy processes, and policy or programs evaluations.

Senior Enterprise Talent Management

Senior Enterprise Talent Management
(GS-14 to GS-15) The Senior Enterprise Talent Management (SETM) program, developed collaboratively as a Civilian Workforce Transformation initiative and administered by the Civilian Senior Leader Management Office (CSLMO), Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower and Reserve Affairs), is open to GS-14 and GS-15 (or equivalent) employees who wish to apply for participation.

Senior Leader Seminar – Senior Leader Development Course

Senior Leader Seminar – Senior Leader Development Course
(GS-15) Senior Leader Development Course (SLS) is a one-week seminar that will enhance the education of select senior Army colonels (generally 23-26 years of service), Department of the Army Civilians (GS-15 or equivalent level), invited Interagency federal Civilians (GS-15 or equivalent level), and select Command/Staff Sergeant Majors who are either currently assigned to, or projected for assignment to, key positions as advisors and staff officers for our most senior general officers and Senior Executive Service (SES) civilian leaders.

Army Civilian Training, Education & Development System (ACTEDS)

ACTEDS Catalog FY19
The Army Civilian Training, Education, and Development System (ACTEDS) is a requirements-based system that ensures planned development of civilian members of the force through a blending of progressive and sequential work assignments, formal training, and self-development for individuals as they progress from entry level to key positions.

Development Assignment Program (DAP)

Development Assignment Program (DAP)
Army Civilian Competitive Professional Development Program (CPD) is designed to provide a planned, systematic and coordinated program of professional development which supports organizational goals and missions.

Army E-Learning Program

Army E-Learning Program
With Army e-Learning you have access to over 5,000 web-based courses in Information Technology, Business Leadership and Personal Development. (Username and Password Required)

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Garrison Career Program Manager List​
None assigned to Garrison​​CP-10, Civilian Human Resource Management
Anita Austin​CP-11, Comptroller​
​Michael Johnson​CP-12, Safety and Occupational Health Management
Mark Darnell​CP-13, Supply Management​
​Edward FreerCP-14, Contracting and Acquisition​
​None assigned to Garrison​​CP-15, Quality and Reliability Assurance
Falls under CP-18​CP-16, Engineers and Scientists (Non-Construction)​
Anthony Anderson​CP-17, Materiel Maintenance Management​
Theodore ReeceCP-18, Engineers and Scientists (Resources and Construction)​
Deanna Cote​​CP-19, Physical Security and Law Enforcement
​None assigned to Garrison​CP-20, Quality Assurance Specialist (Ammunition Surveillance)
Robert Jenkins​CP-22, Public Affairs and Communications Media​
None assigned to Garrison​CP-24, Transportation Management​
Cheryl Gaston​CP-26, Manpower and Force Management​
Phil Garito​CP-27, Housing Management
Gregory Stallworth​CP-28, Equal Employment Opportunity​
Jonathan Hunter​CP-29, Installation Management​
Lawrence Buford​CP-31, Education Services​
John Watson​CP-32, Training, Combat, Doctrine and Warfighting Developers​
Hal BunjorCP-33, Ammunition Management​
David Bilan​CP-34, Information Technology Management
James McDade​CP-35, Intelligence and Security
Doug Robbins​CP-36, Modeling and Simulation​
​Foster GoodmanCP-50, Military Personnel Management​
Charles Vanneste​P-51, General Administration​
Karen Milner​CP 53: Medical
None assigned to Garrison​​CP 55: Inspector General​
David Riddick​CP 56: Legal​
​None assigned to Garrison​CP 60: Foreign Affairs & Strategic Planning​
None assigned to Garrison​​CP 61: Historian​
Johnathan Hallock​CP 64: Aviation​