NAF Workers' Compensation Program


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Life threatening: Call 911 or go to the Occupational Health Clinic or the Emergency Room immediately.

Non-life threatening: Supervisor and employee will complete the mandatory forms immediately, and the employee will proceed to the doctor of their choice.

The Supervisor will keep copies of the LS-1, and originals of the LS-201, LS-202, LS-210, Doctor’s Memos, and the Workers’ Compensation Claim Benefits Option forms. 

The employee will retain the originals of the LS-1 and Workers’ Compensation Brochure.

Advise the employee of the following:

Based on Workers’ Compensation regulations they may take the LS-1 and LS-204 and see the doctor of their choice for an initial visit.

They may choose to see the Occupational Health doctor, or their private physician. “Use of military medical facilities by NAF employees is normally limited to initial or emergency treatment only. In non-emergency cases, and all other treatment, employees must select their own civilian doctor and medical facility”. (AR 215-3, 14-87).

Be sure the doctor of their choice will accept Workers’ Compensation patients, and will complete and forward to Contract Claims Service, Army Central Insurance Fund, and/or Department of Labor all required forms.

Provide doctor’s diagnoses, recommendations, referrals, etc. to Contract Claims Service, the supervisor, and the NAF Human Resources Office on an ongoing basis. Without proper documentation Contract Claims Service, may not proceed with the claim.

After an extended absence employees must be cleared for “return to work” through the Occupational Health Clinic.

The employee is responsible for their Compensation Case.

The Supervisor will forward all forms, copies and/or originals, to the NAF Human Resources Office immediately. Contract Claims Service, ACIF, and DOL must receive the forms within ten (10) calendar days of the manager’s knowledge of the incident. DOL can and does fine NAFI’s for late reporting.

Essential telephone numbers:

Fort Campbell NAF Human Resources Office, 798-4905/461-4510

Contract Claims Service, 1-800-743-2231


Workers’ Compensation forms:

LS Forms may be found at Workers’ Compensation forms can be found at: