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Workers’ Compensation
Supervisors will forward all forms, copies and/or originals, to the NAF Human Resources Office within one (1) calendar day of the incident. Contract Claims Service, ACIF, and DOL must receive the forms within ten (10) calendar days of the manager’s knowledge of the incident. DOL can and does fine NAFI’s for late reporting.

LS form can be found at: 

NAF Supervisors Guide
The NAF Supervisor’s Guide can be found at: 

NAF Employees Handbook
The NAF Employee’s Handbook can be found at:

Performance Plans and Ratings
In accordance with AR 215-3, para 6-1, all regular full-time and regular part-time employees, and pay band flexible employees, will be rated once every year. Supervisors must be familiar with the following:

The employee will be provided the original DA Form 3612 (Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentality Employee Performance Rating).

The DA 3612 may be found at:

Each eligible employee will be rated annually for a 12-month period of employment according to locally established procedures. If the employee has served less than 120 days under their current supervisor, the annual evaluation may be prepared by the current supervisor in consultation with the previous supervisor, or the supervisor may elect to delay until the end of the 120-day period to rate the employee, however, the appraisal inclusive dates stay the same.

Pay adjustments that result from performance evaluations will be retroactive to the first pay period after the evaluation closing date. Lump sum awards are forwarded to the NAF Financial Services the pay period the documents are received by our office. Awards based on performance must be documented on DA Form 5167.

First-line supervisors must develop Performance Standards, on all employees, that are reasonable, attainable, and communicated to the employee in person and in writing.


The following ratings will be used to indicate level of performance:

Outstanding-All elements have been rated exceeded. Written justification is required. 

Excellent-A majority of elements have been rated exceeded, and no other element is rated less than met. 

Satisfactory-All elements are rated at least met. 

Minimally Satisfactory-One or more non-critical elements are rated not met. 

Unsatisfactory-One of more critical elements are rated not met. Written justification is required.



Classification is covered in AR 215-3, Chapter 3. Classification is law. The title, pay plan, occupational series, and grade of a position are determined based on performed duties.

Army policy has mandated that position descriptions listed in the FASCLASS Library located at:, must be used. All newly created Position Descriptions must be coordinated and approved by the Civilian Human Resources Agency.


NAF BUSINESS BASED ACTIONS procedures may be found at:

NAF LEAVE PROGRAMS information may be found at: