Labor/Management Employee Relations (L/MER)


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Fort Campbell Civilian Personnel Advisory Center provides advisory services to Commanders, Managers, and Supervisors on the Labor Relations and Management Employee Relations (L/MER) issues. Our goal is to provide you the exceptional L/MER service that you deserve.



Labor & Management Employee Relations Helpful Information Links:
-  Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)

Total Army Performance Evaluation System (TAPES)

      -Base System Checklist
      -Performance Objectives/Responsibilities
      -Performance Plans
      -Performance Ratings
      -Senior System Checklist 


Table of Penalties for Various Employee Infractions   

Administrative Grievance Procedures

Family and Medical Leave





What is "New Beginnings?"

"New Beginnings" is a cooperative labor-management effort involving the Department and a broad array of DOD employees and national-level union representatives, to design and implement significant Human Resource practices and policies, including implementation of a new Department-wide Performance Management and Appraisal Program. New Beginnings also encompasses reforms in the areas of Hiring Flexibilities, Training and Development, and Workforce Incentives.


Defense Performance Management and Appraisal Program (DPMAP) Helpful Information Links:

Performance Management and Appraisal Program Toolkit, Guides, Tip Sheets, and Checklists

DoD Instruction 1400.25,Vol 431, Performance Management and Appraisal Program Regulation 


MyPerformance Tool Training Videos
The short training videos below provide an overview of the Performance Management and Appraisal Program and detailed steps for executing functions within the MyPerformance tool (e.g. How to create a Performance Plan).

  1. Performance Mgt Program Overview
  2. Myperformance Tool Main Page Overview
  3. Employee - Create a Plan
  4. Rating Official (Supervisor) - Create a Plan
  5. Employee - Update and Acknowledge Your Plan
  6. Rating Official - Editing and Approving the Plan


For MER assistance please contact: (270) 412-8748
For Labor assistance please contact: (270) 798-7164