NAF Employment Preferences

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In competitive recruitment, the following preferences will be accorded as required by law and DoD policy. Selection preferences only apply to applicants who meet qualification requirements and in the following priority order:

MILITARY SPOUSE PREFERENCE (MSP) - [Does not apply to non-competitive placement actions]. Definition of spouse: Wife or husband of an active duty military member of the Armed Forces, to include the Coast Guard, National Guard, or Reserves. The marriage must have occurred prior to the service member’s relocation to the new duty station. Eligibility requirements: To be eligible for MSP, applicants must submit a copy of the sponsor's PCS orders with the application. Military spouses will be referred for employment using MSP until acceptance of a continuing position (fixed work schedule, i.e., part-time or full-time positions). MSP will be lost upon acceptance or declination of a regular job offer or interview for a continuing position. MSP will not be lost if the military spouse declines or accepts an offer of employment in a non-continuing position (i.e., positions that have a flexible work schedule or any position for which the employment category is identified as flexible, temporary, or term).

INVOLUNTARY SEPARATED MILITARY PREFERENCE (ISMP) – [Does not apply to non-competitive placement actions.] Definition of ISMP: Certain members of the Armed Service who were involuntarily, and in some cases voluntarily, separated from active duty with an honorable or general under honorable conditions discharge are entitled to this preference for one year after separation. This preference also applies to their dependents. Eligibility requirements: Preference must be claimed at the time of application and is verified by applicable military and civilian identification cards bearing the over stamp Transition Assistance (TA). Applicant may use this preference for all pay band position NF-3 and below, FWS, and CC positions and must meet position qualifications. An individual is entitled to ISMP preference only one time and it is terminated upon placement in, or declination of, a NAF position for which application was made.

CURRENT/FORMER NAF EMPLOYEES - This does not include emergency hire FLX service, but includes any other service with a DOD NAFI. Current Army APF employees are deemed to have current NAF employee status for purposes of this priority consideration if, at the time of application, they are serving in a position without time limits and have served continuously for at least one year in an Army APF position.

OUTSIDE APPLICANT VETERAN (OAV) - For purposes of this priority consideration, "veteran" shall be defined the same as the term "preference eligible" in 5 U.S. Code 2108(3) - (4) ; however, this is priority consideration only and not a selection preference. To receive priority consideration, veterans must submit a copy of their DD 214 at the time of application. Veterans' priority consideration does not apply to in-service placement actions. The Installation Commander approval is required where the selecting official wishes to select an outside applicant non-veteran over a veteran eligible for priority consideration under a(3) above. The selecting official must furnish the commander a written justification through the CPAC/NAF-CPU. The non-veteran may not be selected until this justification has been reviewed by the commander or designee and written approval has been furnished to the servicing CPAC/NAF-CPU.
NOTE TO VETERANS – Outside Applicant Veteran (OAV) is not a selection preference. It is considered a priority consideration over Outside Applicants Non-Veteran (OANV).