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NAF regular full-time and regular part-time employees are entitled to the following employment benefits:

  -retirement plan

  -medical/dental insurance

  -life insurance and 401(k) plan 

Contributions are automatically withheld each pay period for employees who select any of these benefits. 


NAF employees can now view their benefits selections on-line at:

For further benefits information, employees can visit the NAF Benefits Website at:, or make an appointment with the NAF HR Office at the CPAC .


Some basic notes to remember are:

RETIREMENT: Employees are automatically enrolled in the plan for the first six months of regular service. After this period, employees can request to cancel their participation in the plan. A contribution of 2% of gross income is withheld each pay period. Employees are vested when they have continuously contributed for 5 years. Employees can stop and restart the plan once in every appointment period. If married, the employee's spouse must be the primary beneficiary.

MEDICAL/DENTAL INSURANCE: Employees can select the medical or medical with dental plan, with or without dependents. A Stand-Alone Dental plan is also available. Changes to existing plans can be made only during Open Season unless there is a life-change event such as marriage or divorce. Such changes must be approved by the NAF Employee Benefits Branch. Employee and dependent addresses must be current at all times. Employees can update address information by making an appointment with their NAF HRC representative. Our current Medical Coverage provider is AETNA.

Their information may be found at

LIFE INSURANCE: The Basic Life Insurance provides life insurance protection, accidental death and dismemberment coverage, and dependent life insurance. Employees may enroll without evidence of insurability and may select basic or basic and optional insurance. Basic insurance may be one to two times the basic (annual) pay rounded to the next $1,000, not to exceed $250,000. The bi-weekly cost to the employee is 14 cents per thousand dollars of coverage. Optional life insurance can be purchased in increments of $10,000, not to exceed two times the amount of Basic life insurance and not to exceed $500,000. Evidence of insurability is required for Optional insurance of more than $100,000. Bi-weekly rates for Optional insurance are based on age and amount of coverage chosen. Policy is paid to beneficiaries as listed by the employee.

401(k) PLAN: Employees may choose to enroll in the 401(k) savings plan, through our office, with Fidelity Investments. The 2014 IRS Maximum deferral is $17,500 and age 50 and over catch up contribution is $5,500 for a total of $23,000 and changes to this amount can be made by visiting our office and completing required documents. Management "matches" employee contributions up to 3%. Employees may enroll in this plan at any time during their regular appointment. Fidelity will provide enrollees with a personal identification number (PIN). All monies movement must be made with Fidelity. Employee must notify Fidelity approximately 30 days after separation date to select distribution of funds. Employees can stop contributions at any time but can only withdraw their funds if they separate or are no longer eligible to participate in the 401(k) plan. Otherwise, the monies remain with Fidelity until separation.

Fidelity can be accessed at http://www.401k.comor call 1-800-835-5093.