Army Family Member Program

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 To schedule an appointment to receive counseling for the Military Spouse Preference Program or the Army Family Member Program,

please the call Fort campbell CPAC at (270) 412-8481/8480/9090;

or email at 

General Information

Program F refers eligible current DA employees who are DA family member (FMs) of DA civilians or military personnel, including Army National Guard. Civilian employees may be appropriated or non-appropriated fund, but not Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES). DA FM eligible’s include current DA employees on career or career conditional appointments, in the excepted service (includes employees on Veteran's Readjustment Appointments (VRA), on Schedule A appointments for the disabled), and Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System (DCIPS) employees covered under the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Interchange Agreement.

FMs are eligible for registration and referral when their DA civilian or military sponsor:      

-Makes a permanent change of station (PCS) move to a new commuting area within the U.S., whether or not travel expenses are paid by the government

-Makes a PCS move overseas and the DA FM remains in the U.S. for reasons considered beneficial to the family and wishes to relocate (e.g., near family) in the U.S.

-Makes a PCS move overseas on an unaccompanied tour and the DA FM wishes to make a PCS move within the U.S., or, upon the sponsor's return from an overseas unaccompanied tour, the FM wishes to relocate from within the U.S. to the sponsor's new U.S. duty station

-Is on temporary assignment for 9 months or longer under either permanent or temporary duty orders (includes assignments to service schools and developmental assignments to a new commuting area)

-Is a temporary DA employee selected for a permanent position at another Army duty station in a new commuting area with no break in service

-Is assigned to a DoD activity and there is a DA activity in the new commuting area

-Is a DA reservist called to active duty or a civil service reemployed annuitant if the assignment is for 9 months or more

-Retires from active military service or the service term has expired and the family is moving to the location designated in the PCS orders, provided the sponsor’s active military service obligation or enlistment contract has been satisfied

Program Requirements

Eligible family members may be registered in PPP for a maximum of 1 year. This eligibility is applicable regardless of whether leave without pay continues beyond 90 days. Registration must occur at the new location within 30 calendar days after arrival or the employee is subject to forfeiture of eligibility.  Please contact the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC) to schedule registration counseling.

Registrants must provide a copy of the sponsor's PCS orders or verification of position change to the new location

A minimum of 90 days of leave without pay (LWOP) is granted to each FM, as required. Extensions of LWOP may be granted accordance with AR 690-990-2

Registrants who accept temporary or term employment may remain registered only for permanent employment