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Army’s Electronic Freedom of Information Act Reading Rooms:

Army homepage:

DoD GILS system: To access the DoD GILS system, select the search button and then scroll down to DoD GILS Records, for the GILS entries.

DoD Annual FOIA Report:\pubs\foi

Department of Defense:

Department of Veterans Affairs:

Department of Justice FOIA:

Department of Defense FOIA:

Department of the Navy FOIA:

Department of the Air Force FOIA:

U.S. Marine Corps FOIA:

Department of Energy FOIA:

Privacy Act System Notices:

Defense Technical Information Center:

Government Information Locator Service:

Government Printing Office:

Office of the Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Gulf War Illnesses:

National Archives and Records Administration:

National Personnel Records Center:

National Technical Information Service:

Washington National Records Center:

U.S. Army Center for Military History:

U.S. Army War College: